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Poultry Project CEMAC Region

The business case and main reason for raising funds for the expansion of this operation is simply to meet up the demand for eggs, pullet meat, as well as supply of day old chicks to other farmers in Cameroon and the CEMAC region.
​The total capital sought for the expansion of this project is $6,313,268 over the next three years. With an initial investment of $100,000 for equity in the business.

The break-even point once fully implemented is 18 months, and the project will have an anticipated gross profit of $13 million dollars by month 48.

The excel sheet attached provides  in depth financial break-down of cost, the prognostics, and rate of return.

Industrial Fish Farmins & Aquaculture

Recent research has shown that more people nowadays prefer fish to meat on their tables. The situation in Cameroon and the CEMAC has shown without doubt that there are by far fewer fish farmers than say poultry and animal farmers.


This has brought in a huge deficiency in the fish market. Our objective is to narrow the gap by adding 5000 tonnes of fish to the Cameroonian market and 20,000 tonnes to the CEMAC region in the next ten years.

To achieve this target, we aim to raise $3.2 million dollars of additional capital over the next two years with a payback period of 36 months. However we prefer a joint venture as we focus on the future.

Minimum capital requirement is $100,000

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