Investments and Business Coach

Meet Gerald Chiatoh Etangayong 

The founder of Posec Africa, Apollo Markets, Apollo Money & Capital Markets and many other interests spanning investment banking, trade finance, property finance, stock markets, G20 currencies as well as commodities. With over ten years experience in investment banking, structured finance and stock and forex trading, Gerald specialises in helping you find the right kind of investment for you, and helping you develop and grow your business through structuring capital flows for your organisation and enabling you find good JV opportunities for your business.

To be mentored by him you must have the view of impact investment and transformation

Legal, Corporate and Global Markets Coach

Meet NJ Ayuk

He is the founder and CEO of Centurion Law Group, he focuses on structuring deals in the energy sector as well as brokering deals with Governments across Africa and the world. Centurion is among the top ten law firms in Africa led by N.J Ayuk. His wit and influence in the legal world is world renown, he coaches and mentors individuals, organisations and Governments on efficient legal structures and regimes as well as corporate structuring and restructuring.

To be mentored by Ayuk you must have a Global reach mentality and the ability to influence your generation.

Social and Enterprise Empowerment Coach

Meet Javnyuy Joybert

Joybert is a social entreprneur, an empowerment strategist as well as an enterprise development and corporate trainer. With a world of experience in transforming small businesses and bringing efficiency into businesses, Joybert is well recognised in Cameroon and Africa as one of the most influential young entrepreneur of his generation. His passion lies in seeing companies move from start ups to medium size firms, through thetraining of their staff and managers to better adapt to their environment and make their production cycles more efficient.

To work with Joybert you must be focused on strategic growth and transformation.

Performance and success Coach

Meet Eyong Enoh

Eyong is a professional footballer whose career has landed him in top European leagues and teams such as Ajax, Fullham Fc and many other clubs. His passion lies in coaching professional footballers and athletes on how to enhance their earnings when their career comes to an end. Using his experiences as a point of contact, he teaches the 4Ps principle which stands for performance, personality ......... to bring out the best in every athlete including a bountyful retirement plan.

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