Marketing Courses 

These courses are meant to empower you with skills of how to build an online presence, maintain your presence and visibility online as well as how to promote market and brand yourself online. Courses offered will include website development, Blogging, Branding (both personal and corporate) as well as social media marketing including PPC, SEO and content writing.

Digital & Social Media Marketing


This course is for those who want to become interpreneur, and solely work online or take on contracts on behalf of firms and individuals, it will teach you how to do SEO, produce content for your websites, blogs, pages as well as social media profiles, It will also teach you how to build an online audience on facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

This course is tailored for those already working online but need an extra edge to move ahead or build more presence online, it is also for those who want to get into the internet lifestyle and make money through various avenues online by either working for themselves or for other corporations.

Websites, Blogs and Pages


This course teaches you how to build websites on Wordpress, Wix or Weebly and how to monetise your websites. It also teaches you how to develop your Blog or Pages and how to make money from them through the content you produce and share. 

It is ideal for the unemplyed, students or even professionals looking for new insights on the current trends for website development and Blogging.

On completion you should be in a position to build a good website, add carts to it for various products you would sell, and be in a position to build websites for others and earn from that service. You should also be able to set up a blog or page and start populating the page to build an online presence.

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