Personal Development Courses

These courses are meant to help individuals or organisations improve their performance by focusing on the development of certain skills and abilities. Our emphasis would be on developing leadership skills, management skills, psychology and Mindset for success, Business scaling and growth sustainance, as well as entrepreneurship and social change.

Management and Leadership

This course is meant to give you new techniques on leadership and management so you may excell in your career or lead you team in more efficient ways. 

The course is ideal for those who are already working or running their own businesses and need assitance to improve productivity and increase revenues while keeping costs low, it is also meant for those out of Uni thinking of what to do, and what kind of business to get into. 


Upon completion, your leadership skills, management skills, decision making skills, financial management skills, delegation skills, ability to spot talent, and your ability to add value to your firm will be enhanced.

Communication & Public Speaking

Communication is a potent force in the world of business, entrepreneurship or politics, knowing what to say, when and how can determine how well you do as an entrepreneur. Knowing how to communicate or present your skills to your audiences is very important and this course is designed to enhance your communication and public speaking abilities.

By completion of this course you would be able to make business presentations, address small and large crowds, get ride of stage fright as well as look presentable before any audience while also looking credible and trustworthy.

How To Start Up A Business

This course is meant to provide you with the basic knowledge of what is required to set up your business, how to run the business efficiently and how to protect yourself and business from tax miscalculations, as well as how to set up your business to be tax efficient. You will learn of the implictions of corporation tax, tax havens, benefits of having an accountant, an auditor, business coach as well as the advantages of working with our mentors.

At the end of this course you should have all the tools needed to start up your business, the right way and place to set up your business, and what tax regimes will suit your organisation.

This course is suitable for companies looking to restructure their companies and individuals looking to start up new ventures.

The Psychology & Mindset Of Business Success

This course focuses predominatly on teaching you success principles as applied by the most successful men and women of times. Its emphasis is on the psychology and mindset of every successful person. It teaches you techniques to rewire your mind, think positive, act successful, and become successful. It also focuses on enabling you eradicate harmful thoughs such lack, poverty, not enough, can't do it, not worthy, not able etc and in their place fill you with thoughts of its possible, yes I can, I am able, I am enough, etc. By the end of this course your mind will be completely renewed and transformed.

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