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Believe it to have it

A few months back we launched a logo campaign to get the best logo possible, however after having all the Logos presented to us, we were not satisfied with the designs. We have been working with other designers to finally come up with something that is simple, dynamic and speaks to the values we share.

The Message of our Logo is simple 'Believe it to have it'. Though simple the depth to it is incredible. No man ever achieved any feat in life without

believing it was/is possible. As we seek to empower entrepreneurs through sharing our collective experiences in business, we also encourage them to believe that it is possible to succeed in their business ventures. Without believe we can never see in the physical that which we know to be true within us.

PosecAfrica will stand hand in hand with the African entrepreneur seeking understanding, capital or coaching and mentoring with the hope that one day through entrepreneurship Africa will rise above poverty, corruption and bad economic and political policies.

Join us spread the word of our new logo. As you help us to share or like, we would return the favour and asnwer any questions you may have.

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