Dream, Vision and Purpose.(A Clue)

What is a dream? What is a Vision? and what is Purpose?

These three words have taunted men over the centuries as they seek to find meaning and understand themselves and the universe. These three words have not been clearly defined or distinguished as such create confusion among men as to what they truely mean.

In our quest to explain and give meaning to these words, it is very important for us to classify them as existential words that require a deep understanding of oneself, environment and spirituality. For one to understand these words one must first distinguish between the body, mind or soul and the spirit because Dreams, Visions and Purpose come from the same places.

Ones mind or soul is the home of mans intellect and emotions, it is where our thoughts come from, where our emotions come from and it is predominantly the middle ground between the body and the spirit.

The body is the flesh of man, it is all our bodily components which are physical and tangible unlike the mind or soul or the spirit.

The Spirit of man on the otherhand is referred to as the heart of man, but not the physical organ rather the superconcious, or God-like personality of man. It is from this part that our intuitions and conciences are derived, and in most cases if the mind doesn't tone down or up what the spirit sends out to it or the body, is always correct.

Therefore to understand what the dreams of a man are we need to first understand the environment in which the man finds himself. Our environment shape our dreams, this environment includes our genetic composition, our physical location, as well as the relationships or associations we keep. What we see, hear and are exposed to determines what we may desire to have in other words our dreams. Therefore dreams are predominatly driven by the desires of the body.

A vision on the otherhand is a step higher than a dream, from those desires or dreams comes a vision, and our visions are guided by our intellect or our minds. Our visions are the candle lights on our journey to achieving our dreams or desires. Therefore a vision is set of principles that guide a person towards the attainment of a particular desire, goal, objective or dream. It is for this reason that every vision must be clear and measureable.

A purpose therefore is a man's higher calling, our purpose comes from our spirit, and to be able to understand our purpose in life, we must first of all understand and know ourselves spiritually. The knowledge of ones spiritual self, is what liberates the mind of a person from stereotypes, certain beliefs and mental bondage. When you know yourself spiritually, all what affects others, stresses them, makes them sick or bitter wont bother you no more, this is the level where the Buhdist say a man becomes enlightened. Therefore to understand your purpose you need to search your inner self and thoughts, you need to quiet your mind and soul, and listen to your true self, listen to your intuition or your spirit. By so doing, everything else in life flows like water to you and you will cruise through life with Grace.

In the pursuit of sucess we must realise that success comes by having clarity on our vision, which will then enable us achieve or realise our dreams and lead us to our purpose.

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