Win $300 by Designing Our Logo

Dear all,

We are very pleased to launch this competition to inspire some young designers across Africa. We are looking for the best Logo design for our platform (Political, Social and Economic Change Through Entrepreneurship-Africa, simply called

Our Vision is to transform political, social and economic policies across the African continent, through entrepreneurship. African Politics has failed the African Youth, and the new paradigm for growth and development is entrepreneurship. Therefore we want a logo that will inspire, motivate and encourage the African youth to become an entrepreneur.

What You Get:

The Winner (best logo)

-The winner will win a cash price of $100 sent to you in cash or cryptocurrencies

-One training pack charged at $200 totalling $300 to the winner.

-The winner will also get the chance to be hired by our platform for future projects.

-Your work and company will be featured on our blog giving you more exposure to over 200,000 followers.

The Runner-up

-As a runner-up or second best, will also recieve a training pack worth $200

-You will also be considered for hire to work on many more future projects.

What to consider as you design the Logo:

1) The name of our platform (Political, Social and Economic Change Through Entrepreneurship-Africa)

2) We are an African Entrepreneurship Platform, designed by Africans for Africans.

3) We identify ourselves with positive and transformative change.

4) Our focus is personal development starting with the mindset, through business strategy to leadership and management.

To Participate please register your interest on

All submissions must be made on or before the 30th of November by 23:00PM GMT.

Good Luck To You.

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