Its been 13 whole months since we launched our platform, and your support over the months has been phenomenal. We have learned through your comments how best to help the African Entrepreneur. We may have offended a few people through our posts, we may have hit some nerves, challenged and questioned your faith and beliefs, and we want you to know all of this came from a place of love, it came from a place that knows there is more to all of us, so if you found yourself on the opposite side of our posts and took offence, we say sorry.

May You Be Celebrated As Christmas.

As you and Your Love-ones celebrate this season we send you our love and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Pray above all else for Good Health, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding, so that Your 2019 will be one of many Glorious years for you to experience.

With Love, Gerald Chiatoh for

#Christmas #seasonsgreetings #Africa #Love

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