Everything in existence functions according to a set of principles. As human beings when we are hungry, we eat. When we are pressed we go to the toilet. When we plant maize seeds we harvest maize/corn. When we lose a person dear to us we cry or are saddened.

This clearly tells us something which we don't seem to understand. That success is a function of principles, it has little to do with our skills, abilities, knowledge etc although these attributes also help. For example to become wealthy, you must follow the principles of wealth, to be prosperous, you must follow the principles of prosperity. To become a leader you must obey the principles of leadership.

Principles work for everyone who applies them, it doesnt matter your religion, race, ethnicity, family background or ideology, it works when called upon through application. To understand this more, imagine a man who buys a ferari and takes it to the sand dunes of the Sahara desert, and another man who buys a Jeep Wrangler Sahara and also takes it to the sand dunes of the sahara desert. In a race on the sands, we know the Jeep will win and the Ferari will barely have enough height to start its engine. Why? Because of principles, the Ferari was not built for to race or run on sand dunes, it was built for race tracks covered with tarre, meanwhile the Jeep on the other hand was built purposely for the Sahara or like terraine. Becuase the Ferari disobeyed the principles of its functionality, though beautiful and can out run the jeep, it becomes useless in the desert sands.

What therefore is a principle? it is a set of rules which when obeyed, gurantees a certain result or outcome. For example if you put orange juice in a car with a gasoline built engine, we know it wont work, and the engine will probably be destroyed if due care is not taken to repair it.

so what am saying is this, see where you are, decide what you want to be or become and follow the principles that will get you there. Focus on the application of those principles and become great at applying, obeying and following them and you will succeed. In the course of the application of those principles you may stumble or make mistakes however principles are self explanatory and easy to apply, when you stumble look at them again.

When the creator made the universe, he built in it a set of principles that hold everything in a perfect and delicate balance, he put the seeds of every tree in the tree, he gave man the ability to reproduce through a principle (sex in marriage), he gave the earth a principle of productivity that what we plant will sprout, grow and bear fruits (principle of planting & harvesting) he made all these principles so that life can be easy.

How? When you decide what you want to do or become, all you need to do is apply the principles related to that and you will become that. For example if you decide to become rich you apply the principles of riches, and if you want to become a good football player, you apply the principle of discipline and practice that comes with the game etc. Once you know the end, the journey becomes easier because you will clearly know what routes wont take you there or you will know those principles which are contrary to the success of what what you chose.

Principles are there to help us, to make our lives better and much more enjoyable.

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God Bless You as you choose what principles will take you to your destination.

Gerald Chiatoh.

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