Religious Stereotypes that Piss Me OFF

To sow a seed Biblically does not mean give money to a church, it means develop and cultivate your potential. If you like, keep giving money as seeds without understanding, I can assure you now you will not reap from that kind of seed sowing, don’t be fooled by what you hear, the fact that you hear it repeatedly does not mean it is correct.

God created you with a seed within you, when he made the trees and animals he put seeds in them, their seeds were the potential that one tree over time can produce a forest(potential) and your seed therefore is your potential, to sow a seed means to cultivate that potential buried in you so that it can become a forest through which God’s creation will benefit.

Everything you need in life is within you, your children are within you, your money is within you, your fame is within you, and it pains me to say this but your prayers does not bring out your potential, personal development, discipline, proper management of resources, time and money as well as education and going after your goals can bring out your true potentials and make you truly rich. The Bible says your gift will make room for you and bring you before kings and people that matter. Notice what it says? Your gift not prayers or fasting or giving money in church or tithes or any other thing. YOUR GIFT.

Going to church does not make you a Christian, giving tithes does not make you a Christian, giving first fruits or any other fruits does not make you a Christian what makes you a Christian is your understanding of what God put in you and using it to help Gods children and his creation. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within man, if you understand what that means, you will never again wonder why you are poor or where you are, you will be dancing everyday in rejoicing.

Being an usher does not mean you are doing Gods work, being in the choir does not mean you are doing Gods work, doing Gods work means using your potentials and gifts to benefit mankind, if you lack understanding in what you do, then you will never get blessed by chance.

You were born Blessed, Before God created you he knew you, meaning he knew what you would become because he put a seed(potential) in you, so you actually don’t need to pray for Blessings, rather pray for understanding and knowledge and be grateful for what you already are.

Fasting and prayers or speaking in tongues does not break any yolk of poverty, what breaks the yoke of poverty is your ability to use your gifts, or potential or seed buried in you to do Gods work(help mankind) then mankind will reward you with money and everything else that your heart desires.

To be clear I am a Christian and I know my God but I know to fulfil purpose I have to fight day and night for it, because I know what it is and because I know it and see it, God rejoices because like the prodigal son I realise what my potential is and go for it.

Too many stereotypes in Christendom is making Africans, including you perpetually poor, and moving from church to church to find miracle money pouring from heaven. Well am sorry to say it will not come down.

Use your potential to Glorify God and stop disturbing God with beggarly prayers everyday.

If you don’t know what you want to do or how to bring out or even recognise your seed(potential) well that’s why God sent me, let’s work together, I will help you navigate your way.

I pray for the day the church will begin to teach people like Jesus did, bringing out the potential in every saint and empowering the saints to do exploits.

Don’t be offended if I hit a nerve it only means the Holy Ghost is at work convicting you of one or two stereotype, rather than attack me, do your research and see if what I said is true or false.

God Bless You.

Gerald Chiatoh Etangayong

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