Many people have asked me why I write so much about the churches today and their practice rather than focusing on entrepreneurship as the platform clearly stipulates. I want to be clear, for entrepreneurship to become the norm in Africa people need to be liberated from the bondage of religious dogmatism and the beliefs inherent in this new age preachers who through the use of the Bible continue to enslave the African mind.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG, Spirituality as Jesus came to teach us (NOT RELIGION) is pure and perfect, he didn’t establish a church but rather he started a movement meant at liberating people from religious overzealousness which was missing the point (connection with GOD or Spirituality).

His teachings were all of truth, knowledge and the wisdom of God, his mission was simple save us from ignorance and bring us into the light of God’s presence (knowledge) but because the religious leaders of the time understood him not, they had him crucified, however through out the ages men with revelation like Paul and Dr Myles Monroe have introduced us to aspects of that truth and knowledge, like ‘nothing can separate us from the Love of God’ that we are gods, that ignorance and fear are the tools that torment mankind and cause evil, that God is Love, and that the Holy Spirit is resident in us, even the revelation that we have the character and attributes of God, created to dominate and rule in areas where our gifts lead us, but even more so the fact that we are powerful and can command the forces of nature if we are rooted in God, who is our essence. It is in this light and understanding that I write about what I see, for the Church I see today is NOT the church of Christ but the Church of man, hence thoughts like this, will invoke the Church of Christ.

Once the spirit and the mind of a man is made to buy an idea the being becomes a slave to the practices of that ideology. My article today is to shed some light on TITHING. My passion is the liberation of the mind through knowledge and asking questions that make you think for yourself and not take what someone else says for a fact even if that person is me, and religious institutions today have become the tormentors and oppressors of the African people as well as others around the world.

In my quest to make people think I have been called names, I guess that only makes me more like Jesus who was called a chief demon for casting out ignorance from people and setting them free. That being said your criticism won’t deter us from this platform.


This is one of the most preached sermon in churches today, a passage that instils fear in people, a passage that institutes a 10% tax on people in the name of God and a passage that most battle with daily and are self-judged and condemned by their own guilt for fear of missing heaven.

My goal here is to ask logical questions, and yes I know you religious people will say the things of God maybe foolishness unto man, and that the wisdom of man is the foolish of God, however I have studied the Bible and other religious and esoteric texts in search of understanding, I have come to ask you this, if Abraham had paid 70% of the spoils of war he brought would you be telling people today to give 70% of all their earnings as a tithe to the church? What if Isaac had only paid 35% would that have been the bases of the tithe in today’s church? Also why must a tithe be given only in money form? When in Biblical times it was paid in goods, gold and silver dependent on what the person had? Also Biblically the tithe was meant to ensure that the needy in God’s house were taken care of, the poor looked after, the hungry fed and the sick looked after, is your church doing all this? The tithes were never meant to be for the pastor to decide what happens to, you had to decide what that tithe should be used for.

A tithe is a personal commitment between you and God for the sake of ensuring that God’s children who are less able are taken care of, you decide what that is going to be, the Bible gave examples of what the Jews decided to stick with, and even so it is not compulsory, it is dependent on you and your relationship with God. God does not need your money or anything else, and when you are giving a tithe to a course close to your heart you are simply saying ‘God I won’t let an extension of you and me suffer’

The churches today have been very clever in this area, saying your tithe should be 1/10th of your salary, if you are a farmer, sell the produce and bring the money to church instead (what an insult) and to ensure you are constantly guilty they quote Malachi 3, and say the Lord says you have cheated him in tithes and offerings, and promising hell on you for doing so (what an insult to Grace) and to make sure you don’t touch that, they say even if you have an orphanage, your tithe still goes to the church and what you use for your orphanage should come from the remaining 90%, so what of your family? What of the poor and blind and widows? What happens to those stricken by war, famine, natural disasters etc where do you take money from to help them? Are they not also part of God’s creation that needs taking care of?

This aspect is really enslaving people across Africa, Europe, America and the world at large. This maybe unpopular but think of what 10% of the incomes of billions of Christians could do to global crisis like wars, diseases, plagues etc, think of what you can do with that money if you chose to help just one widow or an orphan to become a man do you think you will go to hell because you chose to help someone instead of giving it to the church? Now think of what your pastor does with your tithes, they dress well, live in mansions, ride in rolls Royce, fly private jets (am not saying if they are business men and their businesses enable them to buy they shouldn’t) and you, only pray and believe for miracle breakthroughs that never come, you wish you were like the pastor and you think God is Blessing them when its your ignorance that they are feeding on, why don’t you research and find out for yourself.

When Jesus said the truth will set you free, he meant the truth about religious dogmatism, the truth about who you truly are, there is nothing that you can ever do to make God hate you or not favour you, because he already finished with you, he blessed and favoured you even before the world existed, if you think am lying ask any loving father if they would ever deliberately harm their child, or perhaps ask a Loving mother if she wont comfort their child who cries even after doing something terrible, and yet the Bible says they may both forget and not care but God CANNOT. Do you know what that means?

It pains me when a pastor will say if you don’t pay tithes you will go to hell, or if you don’t do this God will do that and so on and so forth, why would someone claim to know the mind of God? In the Bible there is only one man that God said was after his heart (mind) and that was David, and that’s because daily David didn’t apologize for the live he led nor was he afraid of other men nor religious dogmatism, and there was no place that said David paid tithes, neither was there a place that said Jesus himself paid tithes, if Tithing was meant to be a principle that all should follow don’t you think Jesus who was the perfect example would have paid tithes and commanded his disciples to ALWAYS pay tithes monthly? If Jesus had commanded his disciples and followers to pay tithes, the Bible would not have said ‘certain women provided for his ministry through their own substance’ however when he was stuck with over 12000 people on the mount who were hungry, instead of asking for offerings and tithes he said to his disciples to feed them and there he showed us what power we have in God, that out of five loaves and two fishes you God can multiply it and feed more than five thousand men excluding women and children.

Jesus only mentioned tithes in passing and emphasised on charity towards one another as being much more important than tithing, so why is the church basing all its preaching on extorting money from people in the name of tithes?

It pains me to see the misconceptions about God today in Christendom. This article will make me very unpopular with those who say we should not talk against men of God or those who use the phrase touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, I guess when we all die we would know who was right.

The end goal is this, if you save what you give as tithes every year for the next 10 years and you start a business then, you will do more good to mankind than giving it out of fear, however if you decide to tithe please seek God, find out what he says about it, find out if that widow by your house needs you more than your church, find out if sponsoring an orphan will impact your community more.

The Church should be a place where we all feel safe and at peace, it is not where you go to every Sunday, a Church is where you worship, it is where you don’t feel judged or condemned, it is where you know you can feel God’s presence, a church should be safer and more comfortable than your home, where you can be yourself and lose yourself without fear of judgement, it is that place where you commune with God in you, and feel the courage of a lion taking on a bull, or an eagle soring high to the fear of all other birds, ask yourself do you feel like that where you currently are?

All I ever Pray for is YOU should have Wisdom and Understanding, I pray for myself too DAILY.

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God Bless You

Gerald Chiatoh.

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