Fear Not, Worry Not, God says:

But Why Do You still worry and fear?

Pondering over this brought some light to my conviction that God is W-Holy. Let me give you an analogy;

Imagine you live in England, Britain or Great Britain and then you receive a special invitation from the Queen, in the letter she says “My son/daughter it is my great honour and privilege to invite you to join me at Buckingham palace. There are royal plans which include you because you are indispensable to those plans, to me and to the Kingdom.

The first question that you will ask yourself is, can this be real? Is it really the Queen or am I being pranked? Now, once you realise it is true, one thing will fill you, the awe of meeting the Queen, in so doing you start preparing to meet her, maybe you will buy new clothes, shoes, do your hair, buy a perfume, and much more, however before you will eventually get to meet her, there are Royal protocols that you MUST observe and follow once you meet her for example “no hugs, no grabbing, no shouting in excitement, etc.

Now, on the day you eventually meet the Queen, she forgets the royal protocols and embraces you, kisses you and with joy and excitement says to the hearing of everyone, court officials, prime minister, minsters, MPs etc and then says “Gerald (your name) I am the Queen, in this land there is none like me, For I am Sovereign over this land, I will take care of you, I will protect you and I Now say to you FEAR NOT, and DO NOT WORRY, because I am here for you, just cast your cares on me and I will take care of you.

My question is this, when you leave her presence that day, would any of the other officials scare you? Will what the prime minister say make you fear? Talk-less of the words of an unemployed court official? would you even bother when that unemployed official say, am going to stripped you off all those favours and Promises made by the Queen, would that bother you? Of course NOT, you will laugh because the unemployed official has no powers, and you have just become best buddies with the Queen with a direct access to her powers. So even the Prime minister and all her other officials who heard the queen will seek to become your friend so as to win the Queen’s favour through you.

So therefore what more of when GOD says fear not and worry not?? Why then are you still afraid of men and the devil who is an unemployed angel who once was part of the Kings court but was thrown out? Why fear men? Why fear circumstances when the ALMIGHTY himself, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords has given you his assurance?

This understanding of God is what brings “the Fear of GOD” which comes from a place of reverence and awe and understanding of the powers of God. Not fear of God because he will burn you alive. Fear out of reverence and awe.

With this new understand of God, I therefore say fear NOT and DO NOT WORRY.

This year I challenge you to start your project, expand your business, do something extraordinary that you know only the King himself who has given you the assurance can do through you and for you.

God Bless You. #RevelationKnowledge.

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